27-year-old Male Client

"I’ve been with Emily for years and I can’t begin to thank her enough. She has helped me work through a significant amount of past trauma. I’ve seen many therapists in the past, and none were ever truly effective in making me feel like I had the potential to work past my pain. Through her dedicated time and engagement, I have come leaps and bounds. I’m excited to see where we go from here, because I know with her help, I will continue to achieve the betterment I have been seeking."

29-year-old Female Client

"Thank you for helping me get to where I am - and where I am about to go. I will reflect on this period of time together as having been one of the most powerful learning and growth-filled experiences of my life. You have such a natural warmth about you, and your endless compassion will forever encourage me to find compassion for myself. I learned to let go of perfection and let in love, humor and acceptance in it’s place. Thank you." 

 24-year-old Female Client

"I've never felt so understood and personally improved until after my time with Emily. I looked forward to every session! While I was nervous starting therapy for the first time after some major life changes, Emily helped me feel comfortable, and I quickly and willingly to opened up to her like I was speaking with a caring and nurturing mother. She listens carefully and suggests options to help yourself improve your day-to-day activities." 

28-Year-old Female Client

"Emily has been instrumental in helping me relieve my Anxiety which once crippled me! Her approach is warm and thoughtful and I look forward to sessions with her!" 

 Clients in their 30's

"Emily is wonderful! My partner and I see her for couples therapy. Our relationship has improved after just a few sessions! We are fighting less and feel much more connected! Very highly recommend her!"

63-Year-old Male Client 

"Looking back over the past two-years that I worked with Emily, it reminds me of a poem that was famous when I was younger, called 'Footprints in the Sand'. I have a good faith, so this is not to say Emily was my higher power, but she helped me through some really difficult times the last two-years. Emily has been a great listener, leader, guide, supporter and Art Therapist. She taught me to let art be my therapy and it works well for me. I could not of asked for a better person to work with." 

Mother of 10-year-old client 

"My child experienced issues due to a difficult divorce.  Our work with Emily has greatly helped my child become better able to express her feelings and needs so that she feels safe, happy and loved. I am grateful for Emily's patient and calm manner and ability to focus sharply on the needs of my child." 

Art Therapy Career Coaching Client 

"Emily is encouraging and inspiring! I really got a sense of creativity and possibility by our session together. She helped me see how I could essentially design and take myself where I eagerly wanted to go!" 

Chris Winn, Former CEO of Village Parents: a digital platform for parenting advice

"I have worked with Emily since the beginning of summer, 2015 and in that time, she has been a serial overachiever. As a Village Subject Matter Expert, she provides moms and dads all over the country with insightful, practical advice on how to navigate a wide range of parenting challenges. Her writing is articulate yet accessible but most importantly, she demonstrates a degree of empathy that is difficult to achieve in indirect interactions. I recommend her highly to anyone needing an expert in emotional/mental child development."

 Licensed Clinical Social Worker & Colleague  

 "Emily is one of the most compassionate, professional therapists I have had the pleasure of working with. She is excellent with families, children and adults."

Michelle Jung, M.D., Board Certified Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist & Colleague

"I’d like to say with great confidence that Emily is one of the best Art Therapists and clinicians that I’ve ever seen." 

Stella Fischl, M.A., ATR-BC, LCAT & Colleague

"Emily was my supervisor for over a year at New York City Children's Center and she was wonderful to work with. Emily truly understands and models the tenants of DBT and mindfulness that she teaches her clients. She believes passionately in the interventions that she provides, and that enthusiasm in turn helps her clients believe that they can make positive change in their lives. As a supervisor, Emily was supportive, informative, and always quick to help."  

Alexis C., M.S., Special Education Teacher & Colleague

"Emily is passionate about guiding her clients to use effective skills to enhance treatment. The changes I have witnessed are remarkable, to say the least. We have seen Emily show the importance of using art as a tool to connect with emotions within the scope of also teaching DBT skills and Mindfulness. It is a humbling experience to watch Emily with her clients. They learn to trust again. Her repeated success in helping her clients is remarkable and impressive. She is gentle in her approach and I find that clients look forward to spending time with Emily in Art Therapy and DBT skills groups. They constantly ask for more Art Therapy as they continue to improve. Finally, I have witnessed the transformation of many individuals and I can validate that Emily’s work is important, progressive and impressive. It is thrilling and rewarding to see individuals changing and growing, right before our eyes! I can offer nothing but praise regarding Emily’s professionalism and dedication in her capacity as Art Therapist, DBT Coach and DBT Skills Leader."

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