Corporate Wellness Workshops

Improve employee morale & productivity! I develop customized Mindfulness-Infused workshops to help employees, business owners and entrepreneurs maintain optimal emotional health and wellness. My unique services are designed to help groups and individuals create a safe space to practice self-care and reflection. I infused with workshops with Art Therapy, Breathwork, Mindfulness, Meditation and evidence-based DBT tools!

My services address the following topics;  Burnout Prevention, Anger Management, Deescalation Tools & Stress Management.. and more! 

Featured Clients:

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Professional Advisement

Need advisement or product endorsement from a licensed, registered and board certified mental health professional? I specialize on advising on the ethical integration of cutting-edge behavioral health content focusing on Art Therapy, Mindfulness and Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills for health-focused startups and special projects!

Featured Clients

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I have worked with Emily since the beginning of summer, 2015 and in that time, she has been a serial overachiever. As a Village Subject Matter Expert, she provides moms and dads all over the country with insightful, practical advice on how to navigate a wide range of parenting challenges. Her writing is articulate yet accessible but most importantly, she demonstrates a degree of empathy that is difficult to achieve in indirect interactions. I recommend her highly to anyone needing an expert in emotional/mental child development.” - CEO, Village Parents