Art Therapy Career Coaching

Interested in Art Therapy as a career? With nearly a decade of experience in the field, I offer a nonjudgemental, comprehensive, and in-depth look at all aspects of Art Therapy as a career. I can advise you on general information regarding job prospects, licensure, application to graduate programs, specialized areas of focus and offer referral resources to workshops and continuing education seminars.

I also offer consultation on private practice development and will give you recommendations on next steps to prepare you for a successful career in Art Therapy. 


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Emily provided me with an invaluable service. Before speaking with her, I had no idea that there was anyone out there who could assist me with the complicated path in acquiring a license in Art Therapy. But Emily does exist! Her knowledge and experience in the Art Therapy field, not to mention her kindness and down-to-earth nature, made it a pleasure to learn from her. Her assistance confirmed that Art Therapy is the world that I belong in, and will be the best tool for carrying out my mission on this earth. Emily offered the final pieces in completing my biggest puzzle.
— Prospective Art Therapy Graduate Student
Thank you for taking the time to talk to me! Your insight on Art Therapy as a career as well as additional trainings was so valuable to me. I am definitely starting to think more clearly about my decision to go into the field.
— Prospective Art Therapy Graduate Student